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Winning the Marriage Gamble

Winning the Marriage Gamble explains by way of many examples, what both men and women must do to have really good marriages, or to maintain really good relationships longer, married or not.

Good marriages aren’t random and don’t happen by chance, rather they are the result of intentional effort.

If you are married or want to be, or you are in a serious relationship and want it to last, Winning the Marriage Gamble is meant for you.

The first step to achieving marriage longevity is understanding the dynamics that affect all relationships long-term. We struggle as a society with relationships because we receive no formal relationship education or training. What state issued licenses can we obtain without first receiving education, training and testing? Hunting, fishing and marriage licenses; pay a fee and you’re good to go! THAT is exactly why we are failing at marriage. We THINK we can have successful marriages simply by falling in love, getting married, then living life. Yet successfully maintaining a marriage relationship is the most complex ongoing challenge we will ever face. Compare marriage to math. We can’t learn to solve complicated math equations simply by living life; we must study math to successfully understand it. The same concept applies to human relationships. How much relationship education have you received in your lifetime? Probably very little at most.

Premarital training is a great start to your relationship but it’s not intended to be a complete education. One course does not constitute a degree. We marry without the proper knowledge and skills to do it well and then wonder why we struggle.

How do we make relationships and marriages last? By learning to become the greatest spouses we can be because “great spouses don’t divorce!” It’s as simple as that yet 50% of us fail at this seemingly non-complex undertaking. Not so “non-complex” is it? What have you done lately to improve your skills as a spouse? If you can’t answer that question quickly and easily, you will after you read Winning the Marriage Gamble.

Using first-person anecdotes from his more than three decades as a family law attorney, author Steve Bruneman provides frank examples to illustrate the preventable pitfalls facing all relationships.

Winning the Marriage Gamble is a step-by-step guide offering real-world examples to help you become the best spouse or mate you can be. Beginning with the Triangle Theory of Relationships and continuing with the Circle Theory, T2 Conversations, the Distressed Brain Theory and on and on, Bruneman gives his readers a clear view of the paths relationships take and the issues all couples face, and he clearly explains what we all must do to successfully navigate through these issues in order to attain long-term relationship success.

This book will serve as your “owner’s manual” for marriage, if you truly want to be happily married for life. Education is the key to greater success in all areas of our lives; and relationships are no exception. Reading Winning the Marriage Gamble with your significant other, aloud, will enable you to have conversations with each other that you never imagined possible, on topics crucial to your happiness in the relationship. You both will instantly acquire new skills to help each other find more satisfaction and happiness which, if used regularly, may enable you to maintain your relationship, for life.