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Winning the Marriage Gamble

Winning the Marriage Gamble explains by way of many examples, what both men and women must do to have really good marriages, or to maintain really good relationships longer, married or not.

Winning the Marriage Gamble

Do you want to become a great spouse or desire for your spouse to upgrade his or her spousal skill set? Are you having marriage problems? Looking for help to fix your relationship?

If you answer Yes to those questions or the ones below, “Winning the Marriage Gamble” is the right place to find the answers you need.

  • Are you unhappy in your marriage?
  • Do money matters cause conflict?
  • Is there little to no sex in your relationship?
  • Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair?
  • Are you losing interest in your relationship?
  • Does your partner have anger issues?
  • Is the emotional connection with your spouse gone?
  • Is substance abuse driving you and your spouse apart?
  • Have you become more like roommates than lovers?

Every relationship faces issues from poor compatibility to infidelity. “Winning the Marriage Gamble” will explain how to repair broken relationships. In addition, this book will describe what men and women can both do to minimize or avoid devastating relationship issues in the future.

Many broken marriages can be saved. The first step is to understand the issues that lead to marriage failure.

Compare marriage to a car. We don’t wait for our auto to break down before taking care of needed repairs. Instead, we have regular maintenance to keep it in good running order. If there’s an issue with its performance, we fix it immediately.

Routine tune-ups are important for relationships, also. Even then, problems can occur. When they do, it’s important to look at the causes, take steps to make the needed repairs and work on prevention to keep relationships running strong.

“Winning the Marriage Gamble” offers insight into the causes of breakdowns and provides trouble avoidance and repair strategies. Author Steve Bruneman uses first-person anecdotes from his more than three decades as a family law attorney to show how marriage problems can be identified and fixed.

Let this “owner’s manual” for marriage be your guide to a long, happy relationship.